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Just a few years ago, if you asked someone what a WOD or a bar-facing burpee was, they would have stared at you in bewilderment. But these terms are starting to reach household-name status, thanks to the growing popularity of CrossFit. Once a cult program known only to hardcore fitness aficionados, the CrossFit training program has become a mainstream trend.

Designed for commandos, professional athletes, Olympic medalists, and the like, CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program consisting of varied, high-intensity, and functional movement. CrossFit’s methodology is evidence-based and its charter is open-source, so participating coaches, trainers, and athletes may provide their input and help co-develop the program.

CrossFit is not a traditional, specialized program. CrossFit workouts are designed to be broad, general, and inclusive to best prepare trainees for any physical contingency. Because of that, CrossFit is popular with military organizations, law enforcement agencies, and fire departments.

What the CrossFit Training Program Entails

CrossFit is a tough workout that demands all-out physical exertion three to five days a week. The program is ideal for exercise enthusiasts who want to add intensity and diversity to their workout regimen. However, CrossFit is not recommended for those who are just starting to exercise or those who are resuming exercise after a long hiatus. You may need to work with a personal trainer to develop your mobility, stability, and movement skills before starting CrossFit.

CrossFit training workouts are typically short, lasting 20 minutes or less. The program combines strength training, speed training, explosive plyometrics, Olympic- and power-style weight lifting, gymnastics, endurance exercise, and bodyweight exercises. Movements used in CrossFit training routines include the following:

  • Sprinting
  • Rowing
  • Climbing rope
  • Jumping rope
  • Flipping tires
  • Carrying heavy objects

CrossFit routines generally consist of explosive exercises done in a circuit format. There is very little rest in between each exercise, so you get a great workout in a relatively short amount of time. The following is equipment commonly used during CrossFit training workouts:

  • Kettlebells
  • Barbells
  • Dumbbells
  • Boxes for box jumps
  • Gymnastic rings
  • Pull-up bars
  • Rumble rollers
  • Medicine balls
  • Rowing machine

Doing CrossFit at Home

It is not necessary to go to a gym in order to enjoy the benefits of CrossFit training. If you’d rather do CrossFit training workouts at home, invest in your own CrossFit equipment and look at the Workout of the Day (WOD) demo videos and descriptions posted on CrossFit’s official website. Just keep in mind that doing CrossFit on your own requires you to be physically fit and know how to perform each movement safely. To track your progress, stay motivated, and maximize the results of your efforts, keep an exercise journal.

At Health & Fitness Equipment Centers, we offer an array of CrossFit equipment and accessories. Whether you’re a beginner or a CrossFit Games competitor, we can help you choose equipment that best suits your needs. Contact us for more information.

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