Tips to Create the Best Home Gym

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Put Your Home Gym Equipment Fears to Rest

Does the convenience of a home gym appeal to you, but the lack of gym equipment knowledge, accountability or costs keep you from moving forward? You’re not alone.

Our gym equipment experts have compiled a list of common worries they hear from clients that have gone on to thrive in a home gym environment thanks to the Gym Source team outlined below.

How to create the best home fitness space for you:

Concern: “I don’t know how to use the equipment?”

Solution: Our gym equipment experts are dedicated to ensuring you know how to safely and efficiently maximize your home gym. Before purchasing a piece of gym equipment our staff will ensure you touch, try, and test drive your fitness equipment because let’s be honest you’ll never use a piece of gym equipment you’re not comfortable on and we want you to succeed. Additionally, once your gym equipment is installed we can pair you with local, vetted, personal trainer who can help familiarize you with your gym equipment and get you into a good routine!

Concern: “I’m motivated by fitness classes and competition, I can’t access that at home.”

Solution: Our gym equipment comes with displays or technology plugins that allow you to stream live or on demand workouts. In fact, you can even check in and compete with fellow runners or cyclists in real time with a variety of fitness apps listed here.

Concern: “People at the gym know when I don’t show up, I need accountability.”

Solution:Just because you are working out at home, doesn’t mean you can’t workout with a buddy. If you have two pieces of gym equipment or fitness accessories you can create an interval training circuit with family or friends. Additionally, fitness-tracking apps allow you to log your workouts and share with friends and family who can keep you accountable.

Concern: “The gym is part of my routine. Will I be able to stay consistent?”

Solution:A home gym can be as much a part of your routine as a commercial gym. In fact, there’s less of an excuse to not show up if it’s right in your home! For those who workout in the morning stay consistent by setting your alarm and laying out your water bottle and workout clothes the night before. For those working out at night save your favorite show for when you’re on the treadmill. If you’re motivated to meet a goal, you can make it happen anywhere, but why not in the comfort and convenience of your own home.

Concern: “A home gym is too expensive for my budget.”

Solution:If you’re serious about fitness, first calculate how much a fitness membership would run you per year. Then remember that buying quality gym equipment is an investment. It is important you do not think of it as a short-term solution. Additionally, a home fitness space does not have to all be built all at once. Start with a cardio piece you love, later add some accessories, and eventually add in a strength piece as your fitness goals evolve and grow. You do not have to start your home fitness journey by converting an entire room. Plus, explore no-interest financing opportunities. This allows you to bring the accessibility of a fitness lifestyle into your home for less than you imagine.

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