How to Create a Workout Plan That Gets Results

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Whether you are new to working out, starting again after taking time off, or looking to enhance your fitness results – you can benefit from building a workout plan. It is a tool to help you create a tangible, measurable action plan to effectively reach your fitness goals and improve your fitness levels.

What is the ideal workout plan? That depends on you!

Your workout strategy will depend on what you are trying to accomplish; build muscle, lose weight, increase strength, improve flexibility and balance, rehabilitate an injury, increase endurance or even maintain your current fitness levels. For example, if your goal is to increase overall muscle strength you could incorporate fitness equipment like the Cybex Bravo into your routine to work both your upper and lower body.

Start by taking inventory of your weekly schedule. For example, if you find yourself exhausted at the end of the day and left with little time to break a sweat after work and family obligations, you could explore implementing morning workouts or mid-day workout breaks. Or, look into home fitness equipment to avoid the travel time to and from a workout class or the gym.

The goal of a workout plan is to establish consistent, healthy habits that keep you progressing towards your goals, so it is imperative a plan supports both your goals AND your current lifestyle. Considering both your goals AND lifestyle will create your ideal training schedule and routine.

If one of your fitness goals is to lose weight, consider mixing up your treadmill routine to maximize your workouts. For example, True treadmills support a variety of workouts including higher inclines to engage your legs and interval training for high intensity exercise, creating challenging workouts that keep your body guessing (and keep you getting results).

Most importantly, stay consistent! The goal of your personal workout plan is to create a well-rounded workout experience that holds you accountable. You want to create a plan that supports a healthier lifestyle (not a short-term fitness goal) and that you enjoy doing. Ultimately, the BEST workout plan is the one YOU DO!

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