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Smith Cable Rack Buying Guide

Smith Cable Racks (SCR) – a Smith Machine, Half Rack and Functional Trainer combined into one compact unit – have grown in popularity in recent years. They offer an incredible amount of exercise variety in an extremely compact space.
In my opinion this was the downfall of the early designs. Having…

Weight Plate Buying Guide

Whether you are new to weight training or have been lifting for years, the range and variety of weight plates have exploded over recent years. As an experienced trainer myself, making the right choice for plates is daunting. Plus, the affordability of premium styles has improved dramatically, ma…

Replacement Gym Cables

Looking for a replacement gym cable? Unlike a lot of our competitors, we like to make sure that our customers get years of use from their gym purchases. Our gyms are built to last, some are getting close to 15 years old and still going strong. After an innings this long they deserve a bit of an f..

Bench Press Buyers Guide - Incline, Decline or Flat

Gym equipment can be confusing. We see it all the time. A customer comes into the shop looking for something they believe is a relatively simple choice, like a bench press, then they are confronted with several choices. Each option will have its pros and cons relative to each other. Their heads sta.

Some say that smith machines are great for you and others are clinging on to the belief that they are the worst thing that happened to weight training in human history. Instead of listening to the self-proclaimed fitness experts, here is my take based on my training for the 2018 Bench Press World Ch.

What does Smith Cable Rack and MMA have in common? You can’t be lacking strength, agility or versatility if you want to be the best.
The Barbarian Line Smith Cable Rack is like a super heavyweight in the current multi gym market. It has a commercial quality smith machine, half-rack, functional.

ATX Blackline Cable Attachments

The new ATX Blackline Cable Attachments have been a real eye-opener for not just our customers but also myself. Being a simple man with simple tastes, I go for the basic things in life. As long it functions right and is durable it gets a green light. To put it in perspective one of my favorite cars.

Power rack workouts for great results

If you are currently researching a gym equipment purchase, you are probably reading a lot of recommendations for power racks, especially on forums. And for good reason. In terms of functionality, safety, and effectiveness – probably the most important factors in any fitness equipment pu.

Megatec Smith Machine and Half Racks with Ironmaster Super Bench

We have decided to offer the Ironmaster Super Bench with the Megatec Half Rack and Megatec Smith Machine packages because it delivers you the best bang for the buck. The price we sell these benches easily makes them the best value gym bench in Australia. We can do this because we buy in massive.

ATX Power Racks and Rigs

We have started adding the ATX line of Power Racks and Cages to our range. They are relatively unknown in Australia, but a rapidly growing brand in Europe. So I thought I would give you a bit of background on how they came about.

Certain American brands have grown in popularity with the explosion.



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