5 Ways Exercise Boosts Self-Confidence

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What if all those burned calories weren’t for a lower number on the scale, but increased self-confidence? Studies show that regular exercise gives you more than health benefits, it’s a huge confidence booster! Not to mention, when you have higher self-esteem you’re better equipped to meet your goals and be successful.

Those without a strong sense of confidence may take a passive approach to life and be more apathetic about their future. A fitness routine can help you stay more focused and encourage you to take on life’s challenges.

So how can exercise improve your self-confidence?

1. You Feel Better

Exercise is good for your body and mind. It can help you break out of bad habits like poor diet choices, overeating and being sedentary. When you feel better physically, you feel better mentally. So, you’re more interested in meeting new people, exploring new places and you have more energy to take on challenges and overcome obstacles.

2. You Feel Stronger

Regular exercise makes your body stronger and lowers your risk for high blood pressure and chronic disease. It also helps to control weight and reduce stress, depression and anxiety. When you have physical strength, you often gain mental strength.

3. You Gain a Sense of Accomplishment

Exercise is about setting and achieving goals. The success of creating an exercise routine and sticking to it brings you a sense of achievement. When you achieve your exercise goals, you have more emotional stamina to take on your personal goals until you feel like there’s nothing you can’t do!

4. You Have Improved Self-Image

Sometimes self-esteem issues are tied to body perception. Regular exercise helps build confidence by improving our body image. While exercising you’re likely to strengthen and tone your body, and seeing these results can greatly improve your self-esteem and help you feel better about the way you look.

5. You Have Increased Brain Power

Exercise makes you smarter. When you do aerobic exercise, you feed your brain with valuable nutrients and oxygen, improving cognitive function. After exercise, you tend to feel more focused, alert and able to complete the tasks of the day more efficiently, thus improving your self-esteem.

If exercise helps you look good, feel strong and have a positive attitude, why not add it into your self-care routine?

What’s your favorite way to exercise and stay healthy?



Source: Fitness Blog – 5 Ways Exercise Boosts Self-Confidence | Jazzercise


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