Best Outdoor Trampoline 2019

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The Best Garden Trampolines Compared

When I think of outdoor trampolines owned by my friends or family, two distinct visions appear… The first is of children happily bouncing, enclosed by a safety next and supported by a solid, robust structure. The second is of a sagging structure, with pieces of the safety net hanging off – perhaps with leaves gathered where the jumping surface should be…

This page is all about finding the best outdoor trampoline – one that can be used year after year, and not the type that needs to be filed under the ‘must take it to the tip’ category.

When it comes to trampolines, safety comes first. You’ll then have to decide on the size, type and the brand. As with all the reviews here, the feedback from buyers is key. A trampoline needs to be robust, it needs to stand the variable weather and above all, it needs to be safe.

Here is what you will find on this page:

  • First below is a table showing the best-selling brands in the different size categories. These are brands with a ton of feedback.
  • After that you will find information on the different types of a trampoline, the sizes and the features to look out for.
  • More detail on the most popular models comes next, including links for feedback and more info.
  • Finally, a few trampolines for special purposes are covered – and to save you scrolling all the way back up, the table is repeated.

Table: Best Outdoor Trampolines 2019

Best Outdoor TrampolineWe R Sports – Best Selling Model


Popular model with great feedback, you can get this from 6′ all the way to 16′. Safety certified, and durable too.

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Zero Gravity Ultima 4Zero Gravity – Trampoline Specialists


Ultima 4 are the premium outdoor trampolines from specialists Zero Gravity. Check out the innovative positioning of the safety net. 6 sizes are available.

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BodyMax Mini TrampolineBodyMax Mini Trampoline (no safety net)


Best selling mini trampoline model, this one does not have an enclosure. Soft surround, durable jumping surface and a bargain price.

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Buying an Outdoor Trampoline – Features Guide

Your first decision before buying an outdoor trampoline is the size. The standard way to measure this is in terms of diameter of the surface, including the padded area around the outside. These start at 6 foot, going up in 2-foot units.

For many people, the smallest ones are a little too small. At the same time, if you go for a 14 foot (some brands even do 16-foot versions), you might find a lot of your garden taken over! The sweet spot is somewhere in between. 10ft or 12ft trampolines and big enough for even the most energetic kids – and will hopefully leave a little bit of garden for the adults to supervise from. If your unit is going to be used by adults as well as children, then the maximum user weight comes in to play. The smaller (6ft / 8ft) models have fewer springs, and so support the less total weight. All of the units featured here clearly indicate the max user weight on their product information.

Height is standard across brands, when they are put together, most trampolines will be 8 to 9 feet tall from the ground to the top of the safety net. You can get taller nets for even more peace of mind. Once you put your outdoor trampoline up, you will not want to take it down too often. If you have any doubt about the size/height, then I recommend getting out there and double checking before you go ahead and choose one.

Safety of Outdoor Trampolines

As I said in the intro, this is always your top priority. Trampolines are subject to testing by both European and UK agencies.

Here are the certifications you should look for

CE: This is a Europe-wide safety mark, which shows that goods have reached the standards reqiored under the 1993 directive on ‘CE Marking’.

GS: This is a German safety mark, which is voluntary and recognized throughout the EU. It shows the goods are compliant with German product safety standards.

TUV: This is another German certification, the name translates as ‘Technical Inspection Certification’. They examine and certify everything from factory plants to consumer goods, with ISO certification offered.

EN-71: This is an EU standard which applies to all toys. It is harmonized across all member states.

While not every trampoline will have them all, I recommend you prioritize those which have the most and make sure at least one is in place.

There is more to safety than just the certifications. The build quality comes into play. Buyers are rightly quick to point out any issues with this – so it makes good sense to double check the comments over at The bigger and better-known brands will have these certifications, while the no-brand copies generally speaking will not.

Other Factors – Take Down, Ladders and Safety Underneath

Once assembled, you will not want to be taking your trampoline down too often. Keeping your trampoline in good shape during the winter is something to consider. Again, the comments from buyers is the place to look. If you plan on taking down your trampoline and storing it in your shed or garage, you’ll want one that is easy to take down.

Some of them have ladders attached, others do not. Most kids are energetic enough to make the small climb, though for many people having a short ladder does add to the overall safety. You might also want to choose a model with netting around the base, this can stop both children and animals getting underneath, and prevent any incidents caused by someone jumping at the same moment someone steps into the middle beneath…

More Detail on the Best Selling Outdoor Trampoline Brands

#1 – We R Sports Outdoor Trampoline with Safety Net Enclosure, Ladder and Rain Cover

I’m starting with the best selling model and one which has a ton of positive feedback from previous buyers.

The We R Sports trampolines come in 6 different sizes – from 6 foot all the way to the giant 16-foot model. This equipment is sturdy! With a maximum user weight of 150k (that is over 23 stone!), they are suitable for adults as well as children. You’ll also get UV protection, which will help stop your trampoline from getting that ‘bleached out’ look which some of the replicas try models can suffer from after a season in the sun. The rain-cover will also help to keep it in good condition, especially for those of us that would prefer not to take it down repeatedly.

Many people who bought this model also added pegs and straps to their shopping cart – to help ensure that the trampoline stays in place once up. Like most models, this is not suitable for children who are under 36 months (3 years).

Looking at the comments from people who have bought this model, the theme I see is ‘quality’. It seems more than one commenter has already bought a replica type version and can see the difference with a known brand like We R Sports.

You can see those comments for yourself, and check out the detailed view of the trampoline itself, over on the dedicated product page.

Alternatively, check out my detailed review here.

Top End Outdoor Trampoline – The Zero Gravity Ultima 4 Range

Zero Gravity produces quality outdoor trampolines, with some interesting differences compared to other models. You’ll see from the picture that the safety net is inside the foam edge of the jumping surface, rather than outside. This seemly small switch can stop a ‘hard’ (or at least harder) landing from mistimed jumps. That same safety net comes with a quick-release system, so you can fold it down in minutes. With the legs folding up too, this means that the Ultima 4 trampolines are the ones to opt for if you want to store between uses or pack away easily for the winter.

You can buy this model in a range of sizes, from 6ft to 14ft. The number of springs increases as you go up in size – as does the maximum user weight. 100kgs is the recommended limit for the 10ft and up models. Like most trampolines, 3 years+ is the recommended age.

Plenty of positive feedback for Zero Gravity. The quick delivery, ease of assembly and quality are all mentioned repeatedly. Most importantly, many commenters have noted how much the kids love it!

Check out the gallery, which includes the ‘quick release’ function and see the buyer comments for yourself over on the dedicated product page.

Smaller Model – The BodyMax Mini Trampoline

The giant models with safety nets are not everyone’s idea of an ideal trampoline. Smaller models can work great for both children (under supervision of course!) and adults looking for a vigorous cardio workout.

BodyMax has a solid reputation for all sorts of fitness equipment – and produce the best selling mini garden trampoline. This model has a 40-inch diameter, which is slightly (around 4 inches) larger than the products from rival manufacturers. There are a padded safety surround and a solid and stable build.

Feedback for this model is excellent, with very few low ratings. Many buyers commented on how easy this model is to set up – with just 5 minutes needed. Plenty of people also mentioned the workout intensity.

This could be ideal if you do not have space for one of the big netted models. There are some mini-trampolines at amazon which have a handlebar you can use while bouncing. You’ll see those in the ‘people who viewed this item bought’ listing just below the gallery / main product description. You can see the picture, and check out the (mostly very positive) feedback from previous buyers on the dedicated product page. Check it out for yourself now!

Accessories and Extras for Outdoor Trampolines

Keeping your trampoline like new is easy enough with a combination of a rain cover and the occasional replacement part. Here are some of the best selling extras and back-ups for owners of outdoor trampolines.

Replacement Safety Nets: Sagging, torn nets are a fact of life for trampoline owners after a season or two. Fortunately, you can replace these individually, without needing to buy a new unit. For the We R Sports unit (and many no-brand versions), follow this link, choose your size and the number of poles needed – and you’ll have a replacement safety net on its way. Here is the link.

Pegs / Screws: These are the most common purchase along with the main trampoline. Some are more like thick camping pegs, others are corkscrew types – which give you extra purchase. You can also get straps to attach to pegs further out from the trampoline for even better stability. If you plan on leaving your unit up all year round, then it makes sense to tie/peg it down. If you have a unit which easily folds away (for example, the Zero Gravity Ultima 4), then you might prefer to store it between uses instead. Check out the different pegs on this page which is dedicated to accessories.

Trampoline Ladders, Springs and Surrounds: Not all units come with a ladder (though most of the better ones do these days). If your ladder does break, you can get a replacement quickly and easily. Springs and the foam surrounds are also easy to replace. Again, I’ll direct you to the accessories page.

Best Outdoor Trampolines 2019 – Summing It Up + Next Steps

There is not a huge difference in price between the branded and popular models and the generic ‘copy’ ones. Unlike other sports equipment, where a brand will cost you 50%+ more, here the difference is a few pounds.

Those few extra pounds can make the difference between a robust, certified trampoline with a lot of positive comments/feedback – and taking a chance on the unknown.

We R Sports provide the most popular models (by sales), though those with a slightly bigger budget might also like to look at the Zero Gravity range. I have repeated the table from the start of this page below. Whichever model you choose – happy bouncing!

Best Outdoor TrampolineWe R Sports – Best Selling Model


Popular model with great feedback, you can get this from 6′ all the way to 16′. Safety certified, and durable too.

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Zero Gravity Ultima 4Zero Gravity – Trampoline Specialists


Ultima 4 is the premium outdoor trampolines from specialists Zero Gravity. Check out the innovative positioning of the safety net. 6 sizes are available.

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BodyMax Mini TrampolineBodyMax Mini Trampoline (no safety net)


Best selling mini trampoline model, this one does not have an enclosure. Soft surround, durable jumping surface, and a bargain price.

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