Best Home Gym Equipment Ideas: How To Build a Gym For Your Home

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Building your Home Gym: A Comprehensive Guide to Getting Started

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How To Build Your Home Gym

A Start to Finish Guide for Building a Home Gym

Ever considered how many obstacles you have to overcome just to get to the gym? Traffic, busy streets, unexpected weather conditions and car breakdowns are just some of the annoying things one has to deal with when going to the gym. Let’s not even talk about the amount of time and gas you spend to get there. Moreover, gym-goers can’t get much of a workout in if they reach their local gym feeling tired, cranky and frustrated.

Everyone wishes to be fit and in better shape, but most people are deterred from going to the gym because time and priorities don’t permit. Nevertheless, if you’re paying for a gym membership or are planning to in the near future, hang on. I’ve got an idea for you to put your money to better use AND achieve a better outcome!

Take that money and use it to buy some gym equipment to set up your very own home gym. It’s a win-win situation; it costs around the same amount of money you would spend on a gym membership (that you probably won’t get enough time to make use of), and you avoid having to travel (or overcome an obstacle course) to get to the gym.

Relax, building your own home gym is easier than you think. This is where we stand for, guiding you step by step as you define your goals, your budget, and the exact type of equipment that suits your goals. Whether you are on a mission to build your strength, chasing that last bit of definition on your lean muscle, or on a fat burning regime, we can help you in the process. Together, we will build the perfect home gym that will make your friends jealous.

Choosing Your Perfect Workout Equipment

Choosing Your Perfect Workout Equipment

Workout equipment can generally be divided into three categories: cardiovascular equipment, compound exercise equipment, and free weights. Depending on your specific goals and needs, your choice of equipment may vary widely. You may also decide to build a well-rounded home gym with all three categories covered.

Below are some pointers and considerations for each category:

#1. Burn Fat with Cardiovascular Equipment

Cardiovascular Equipment

If your primary goal is to lose weight, this is your first choice for purchase. Cardiovascular equipment is aimed to move your large muscles which require a lot of oxygen. This way, your heart rate rises to pump the oxygen-rich blood to the muscles, this is called anaerobic exercise. Therefore, cardiovascular equipment is also perfect if you plan to lead a heart-healthy lifestyle.

Many variations of cardiovascular equipment are available on the market nowadays, however, if you only plan to get one of them, we would personally recommend a rowing machine simply because of its multi-functionality. Not only it’s great for burning fat, but it will also build strength and muscles in the process.

#2. Work Multiple Muscles at Once With Compound Exercise Equipment (Hint: Get your Power Rack!)

Best Compound Exercise Equipment

Compound exercise equipment is designed for movements that utilize multiple muscle groups. This way, your workout can target multiple muscles with one exercise.

If you have set your mind on building a serious home gym, a power rack or squat rack or its variation is a must. Purchasing a power rack is investing in the best compound exercise equipment. The main reason for purchasing it is because it can be utilized for complete variations of power lifts with just one equipment. Deadlifts, bench press, squats, overhead press, barbell press, name every single one of it and you can do it with this single equipment. As a bonus, newer power racks nowadays are equipped with built-in pull-up bars.

#3. Complete Your Home Gym With Free Weights

Free Weights Equipment

Having said that commercial equipment is a must, it does come with the limitation that it may cost you quite a lot, and it’s simply not for everybody. Getting some high-end commercial equipment can easily cost you more than $2,000.

If you have a tighter budget, the best alternative is purchasing free weights. Most of the exercises available on the power racks are also available with free weights, although, not only more difficult, the safety procedures in a power rack make heavy lifting a lot safer.

Barbells, steel plates, and bumper plates are a great start, perfect for calorie burning and strength building. However, dumbells are cheaper and are definitely an option if you are really on a bootstrap.

With your cardiovascular, compound exercise, and free weights equipment crosses on your list, your home gym is ready to roll. However, this is just the beginning of building your perfect gym. Along the way, you should add more advanced equipment like medicine balls, plyometric boxes, weight bench, and kettle bells.

Other accessories you may consider to add to your home gym are:

Additional Requirements

-Home Gym Flooring will be an essential part of building your home gym. Weight lifting may cause scratches and damage your flooring, and sweat can cause water damage to hardwood floors. Proper gym flooring will increase safety, comfortability, and will save your floor from damages in the long run.

-Chalk are used for better grip, reducing sweating of the palms. It can also prevent calluses.

-Proper gym shoes are important to avoid injuries. Those with Incompressible soles are recommended.

That’s all the knowledge you need to build your own home gym. If you need any more advice or have some constructive criticism, please leave me a comment. I hope this article has been of help to you and you are kind enough to share it with your friends! I wish you the best of luck with your fitness goals in your new home gym!

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