Benefits of Multifunctional Equipment

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Multifunctional Trainers: Versatility for the Win

The versatility of multifunctional gym equipment remains unmatched. Especially if you have limited space for home fitness equipment. Our equipment experts share their top tips to help anyone experience the benefits of incorporating multifunctional cardio and strength training fitness equipment into their workouts.

Who should consider purchasing multifunctional equipment?

– Anyone with a home gym that needs to accommodate multiple users, but without the need for individual pieces to accommodate all users.

– Anyone with smaller workout space. Multifunctional equipment Provides a lot of valuable exercises in a small footprint.

– Anyone who wants versatility in their workouts. Because you are able to work a wide variety of muscle groups with one very versatile piece of equipment. Saving you space, and money.

– Anyone who wants to mirror their gym strength workouts at home, but couldn’t possibly purchase all that equipment.

– Anyone who wants to add a strength routine to your home workout, but need compact gym equipment.

Benefits of multifunctional equipment

Rather than installing all the “stations” found in a gym for specific exercises, a multifunctional piece lets the user do most of these exercises using one piece of equipment. Something crucial in the home since most of us don’t have space to install 16 stations of equipment.

The very essence of the word multifunctional reveals the versatility of these machines designed to fulfill numerous functions. Think highly adjustable with the ability to target various muscle groups all within a compact design. We went to the equipment experts to break down the details of why the multifunctional trainer’s scope is able to meet so many diversified needs. Here’s the scoop:

“The flexibility of multifunctional equipment is just what the doctor ordered in prescribing a routine that will allow you to incorporate your total body life movements. Functional fitness is an industry buzzword, but for good reason. Mimicking everyday motions such as squatting to pick up a case of water and putting it in your grocery cart or using a bar attachment to mirror raking the yard through a pulling motion allows our bodies to prep for the rigor of everyday tasks something everyone could use.” – Sean Michael, Certified Trainer with Transformed by Sean.

“Multifunctional equipment allows you to push, pull, squat, lunge, hinge and rotate! Talk about a full body workout. I’m often asked why not just use dumbbells for a varied strength workout, but the tension and resistance the cables provide on a multifunctional trainer offer a very different stimulus. For instance, try bicep curls with a dumbbell. More effort is made on the concentric motion (lifting the weight towards your biceps), than the eccentric motion (lowering the weight). With the cable, tension is present throughout the entire movement.” – Ester Choi Williams, Certified Trainer with Fit Blvd.

In short – you can get diversified strength workouts, and the flexibility to support multiple users, in a small footprint.

These machines are great for the whole family from rehabilitation to sports training, functional fitness to strength training everybody can reach their fitness goals through multipurpose equipment.

So, now that you’re convinced a multifunctional trainer is a well-rounded piece of machinery how do you select which multifunctional trainer is right for your household?

Here are a few of our equipment experts favorite multi-functional trainers to get the wheels turning:

“The Hoist Mi6 is my favorite multi-function gym. It has a heavy-duty, commercial quality structure. Plus, it has curb appeal and a great walk-through design. It has an app that can be used for every full-body workout with a personal trainer, which provides full-motion video and records your body metrics, workout history and more. Best of all, the machine is designed to fit in a corner, which saves space for other equipment and makes room for aerobics and cardio activity.” – Jay Sanchez, Equipment Expert, Cherry Hill, NJ Gym Source.

“My favorite piece of strength equipment is undoubtedly the Cybex Bravo All-In-One. As multi-function strength pieces go, it’s the best of the best. It’s versatile and very compact. If you can fit a love seat in your house, you can fit the Bravo.” – Ken Kirlis, Equipment Expert, Framingham, MA Gym Source.

See more multifunctional cardio and strength training fitness equipment available that maximize your workouts here.

With the above in mind, we’d be remiss if we didn’t state before committing to any piece of fitness equipment, you have to test, touch, and try it. Every machine feels different to every person using it. The ONLY way to know which piece of equipment feels right to you is by getting on the machine. If you don’t like a machine after testing it, you will never like it when you get home.

More than one person plan to use the multifunctional trainer? Great, it’s designed to meet that need. But, bring the whole family into your local Gym Source showroom to try out your new multifunctional trainer before buying.

Still not sure where to begin? View our guide to the essential fitness equipment for every home gym. From compact spaces to new, innovative fitness solutions – learn the must-have gym equipment.

Source: Benefits of Multifunctional Equipment | Gym Source Blog


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