7 Mocktails For Booze Free Weekends

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Surviving a boozy night out on the town sober is hard, but doable. With the right friends and the best mocktails, staying booze-free can be (shock horror) fun! Forget tap water, there are so many delicious alcohol-free drinks just waiting to be tried and tested – with health benefits to boot.

Ready for an amazing sober night out? Get behind the bar and rustle up one of our 7 favorite mocktails.

Transport yourself to the busy streets of Barcelona or golden sands of Marbella with alcohol-free Sangria. Its famously fruity mix can still be achieved without a single drop of booze. Take your pitcher and combine sliced apple, orange segments, lemon/lime with orange and cranberry juice. And instead of wine? Bring on the grape juice. The citrus kick will definitely give you that holiday feeling.

And get this – it’s doing great things for your body. They say, an apple a day keeps the doctor away, and it’s true. They contain powerful antioxidants that improve neurological health, reduce your risk of strokes and lower bad cholesterol. Teamed with the orange’s vitamin C content and the health-healing properties of lemon, you’ll feel in far better shape without the booze.

If sipping from a chilled martini glass is more your style, pour yourself a non-alcoholic cosmo. A cranberry-based classic, this cocktail’s been bringing sophistication to bars since the 70s, with no sign of stopping now. Just skip the vodka and you’re all set.

Add crushed ice to a martini glass and leave to cool as you mix cranberry and lime juice in a separate shaker. Empty the cocktail glass of the ice and replace with your freshly made booze-free cosmo. Garnish with a lime wedge and a little sugar for the frosting. Feel free to top up with soda water for extra fizz.

Why cranberry? Ladies, there’s ample research to suggest that this fruit helps to prevent UTI’s; then there are its cancer-fighting/anti-inflammatory properties. Grab a glass and enjoy your cosmo, guilt-free.

If you like piña coladas and taking walks in the rain, do it sober. Quash any serious coconut cravings you’re having the healthy way, with our rum-free alternative. You’ll still find your cocktail delectably sweet and creamy but without the hangover the next day. Simply blend coconut cream with pineapple juice and ice, and voila. Garnish with fresh pineapple.

Don’t be tempted to top up with rum – a single shot can contain 100+ calories! Instead, appreciate the melt-in-your-mouth tastes and bountiful health benefits of your coconut-pineapple combo. Coconut is a great natural moisturizer with the ability to fight infection and curb hunger. Then there’s the pineapple, packed with vitamin C and other skin-loving nutrients that clear your complexion and achieve luscious-looking hair. Time to hit the bar.

Nothing beats a cool, minty cocktail when the weather heats up. But can you really go a mojito without the lashings of white rum? Of course, you can. For added flavor, muddle cucumber with your sugar, mint leaves and lime (using the back of a metal spoon) – it makes the drink all the more refreshing. Top your tall glass with crushed ice and soda water, and you’re good to go.

Booze-free mojitos taste great, at a fraction of the price. Then there’s the health perks – IBS sufferers, you’ll probably find that alcohol doesn’t agree with your unpredictable stomach. Whereas the mint leaves in this mocktail have the opposite effect, acting as a digestive aid and easing cramps. Give your body a break from booze and enjoy the benefits.

If fruity cocktails are your thing, you’ll love the raspberry fizz. This classic ‘party cocktail’ can still be lots of fun sober. To make, muddle a handful of raspberries with sugar and mint. For a heart warming, ‘festive’ feel, try crushing and combining ginger in your mocktail. Fill your glass with ice and cover with whichever mixer you fancy – soda water, sugar-free lemonade, or even ginger beer.

Raspberries are a superfood not only appreciated for their deliciously sweet taste – but they’re also packed with heart-helping antioxidants that can reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease and suppress inflammation. The healing properties of ginger will work their magic too, assisting digestive issues and boosting circulation. Ditch the booze and feel amazing with a raspberry fizz.

If you’re usually found nursing an ice-cold daiquiri or propping up the bar with a lime-laden margarita, don’t worry; there are booze-free mocktails for you too. This strawberry margarita offers a different take on the traditional tequila-based cocktail, switching booze for a far healthier substitute, orange juice. Grab a blender and blitz a handful of strawberries, lime juice, orange juice, and ice until crushed. Garnish with a lime wedge, and it’s ready to drink.

You won’t miss the tequila – the sweet slushy consistency of your strawberry margarita will keep you happy. Rich in vitamin C and other skin-nourishing nutrients, you’ll leave the bar looking fresh-faced rather than bleary-eyed and in desperate need of a takeaway. No more shots, lime, and salt; it’s all about the strawberry margaritas.

No mocktail list is complete without the Shirley Temple. It’s been keeping booze-free weekends alive since the child starlet herself graced glamorous Hollywood bars with her parents, and demanded that she drink something fabulous too. Enter the Shirley Temple: a tempting mix of ginger ale, grenadine, and cherries. Try substituting the ginger ale for orange juice if you’re in need of an added nutrient-boost. You can’t beat this old favorite.

If you’re heading out, don’t be afraid to ask bartenders to make you your own alcohol-free cocktail. They know what works, and it’s good to test their knowledge of complementing flavors rather than just numbing your senses with alcohol. Learn to really savor what you’re drinking – booze-free evenings can be amazing if you do it right.


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