15 Best Heavy Bags & Punching Bags for Home Gym!

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Take out all your aggression. Sweat buckets. Relieve stress big time. Have Fun. Get stronger and feel like a badass.

What’s not to love?

The best heavy bags do all this and more.

But there are a few fatal flaws in the design of some heavy bags that suck the enjoyment right out.

I will let you know what those flaws are, what other points to consider as you ask yourself “what is the best punching bag to buy?” and finish with a review of 15 of my favorite heavy bags.

What can a Heavy Bag do for Me? Is it Really Worth the Investment?

While heavy bags are not a huge investment, they do take some work to hang and they occupy space in your gym on a permanent basis.

I mean, they are not exactly known for portability. So why bother with one?

I will tell you why.

  • If you like a good strong adrenaline rush;
  • If you need to beat out some stress;
  • If you like to fight (you know who you are);
  • If you are competitive and love a challenge;
  • If you are wound up or hyper;

Then the best heavy bag workout may be for you. Spend a few minutes beating the snot out of one, and I think you will agree, a heavy bag is indeed worth the investment.

Is a Heavy Bag right for You?

Make no mistake, a heavy bag is not only for stress relief, but a punching bag also gives an awesome workout too. It combines cardio and strength training in one. Just try and hit the bag at a medium pace for 10 minutes straight and let’s check your heart rate.

Punching and kicking a really heavy bag with all your fury will build muscle as long as you continue to challenge yourself.

Heavy bags are also excellent training tools for Muay Thai, Boxing, MMA, Kickboxing and all kinds of combat sports. They improve accuracy, stamina and strength while allowing you to perfect your moves.

If you are into combat sports at all, a heavy bag would make a great addition to your home gym.

What You Should Look for When Choosing the Best Boxing Bag for Home

kickboxing and mma training ar home boxing gym

How Bag Weight Can Affect Your Power

One of the first things you should consider is the weight of the bag.

Here is the deal:

The heavier the bag, the more resistance it has. In other words, it will take a really hard hit to move the thing.

Sometimes a bag that swings is annoying, but it can also be a benefit if you are practicing footwork, ducking and weaving, or aiming for a moving target.


Since a really heavy bag is harder to move, you can hit it really hard and challenge your muscles to try and move it. Doing this is what builds muscle and striking power.

If you have the room, get one lighter bag and one ultra heavy bag to mix up your training.

It’s what’s on the Outside that Counts!

The best heavy bags are made of leather. The leather is durable and lasts. Plus it just looks good, probably smells nice too, which is a rare thing to encounter at the gym.

Vinyl or canvas-covered bags split and wear faster and will not last as long as leather.

But the Inside Matters too…

What is in the core of the heavy bag changes how it feels to punch the thing.

Water-filled bags feel the most like hitting a real person. Same goes for the heavy bags with water filed core. Humans are, after all, mostly water.

A bag with a sand-filled center surrounded by fiber tends to spin easily because the weight is at the center of the bag.

A heavy bag with a foam liner has an even consistent feel when you punch or kick because the foam secures the lining in place and the foam itself provides a place for impact to the land. The foam wards of dead spots, voids, and overly hard spots on the bags punching surface.

Filling Flaw

One filling flaw sometimes seen in sub-par quality heavy bags is a bag filled with a softer material that is not stabilized in any way. This type of bag has a tendency for the fill to sink to the bottom, leaving you with an ugly pear-shaped bag that is too hard on the bottom, and an empty void on top.

Hard Fill vs Soft fill vs Water Fill

  • Hard fill is firm material that is shredded and placed inside a foam liner. This style keeps its shape well and will not warp, nor will the filling sink. The downside is that the bag is so hard; it may cause wear or injury to your hands and joints. Nevertheless, it is great for building strength and increasing power.
  • Soft Fill is softer natural and synthetic fibers that are easier on the body and have more give. These materials are lighter and can shift and sink leaving open spaces giving the bag an inconsistent punch.
  • Water Fill bags, like the aqua bag, are unique. They do have to give and are relatively easy on the hands, while at the same time, affording a very realistic experience, similar to sparring with a partner.

girl boxing workout with heavy bag

Plan Ahead to Avoid this Common Headache

There are two heavy bag headaches you want to avoid.

1. How to hang the bag.

You might be surprised to discover after you purchase the heavy bag of your dreams, that your new bundle of joy does not come with any or the right hanging hardware.

Prepare yourself for a trip to the home depot, and consider ahead of time how you will hang it and what you need. Otherwise, when your bag is delivered, you will be disappointed when you can not start wailing on it right away.

2. Where to hang the bag

Location is always an important consideration. First, heavy bags are…heavy. Duh. You knew that.

So, you need a secure spot to hang it, preferably a ceiling stud or similar strong architectural feature, or you need a heavy bag stand. You will also need all the appropriate power tools, screws, etc.

Also, consider how tall your ceiling is and how high off the floor you want the bag to hang. You may find the bag you want does not fit the space you have. Such is life.

At least you figured it out before you had to return a 150 lb bag, right?

How to Extend the Punching Enjoyment of Your Heavy Bag

Inevitably some bags will experience settling or shifting of their innards, and you will need to doctor the bag a little and perform a few adjustments.

Remove the bag from where it hangs and roll it on the floor to redistribute the insides. If it is a zipper style you can open the bag and move the stuffing around too.

TOP 15 Best Heavy Bags and Punching Bags of 2019

Bad Boy Blue Aqua Punching Bag 18 Inch

Review: The Aqua line of punching bags are quickly becoming known as some of the best punching bags available.

These bags are available in several sizes and weights, are shipped unfilled, and when they get to your home, you simply fill them with the garden hose.

The reason they are so popular is that they feel like hitting a real live opponent, which standard bags do not.


  • Ships empty, fill with water.
  • Water and weatherproof, one of the only heavy bags that can be used outside without being ruined.
  • Resistance and snap of striking a real person.


  • Does not include hanging hardware, that is for you to find.


One of the latest and best heavy bags available today, period.

Century Original Wavemaster Freestanding Bag

Review: Century is known for producing the best freestanding heavy bags available today. This is the Original Wavemaster which is narrower than the XXL.

This Freestanding heavy bag has a base that is easy to fill with a hose, and an adjustable kicking/punching surface.

If you want it super solid so it will not dance around the room as you punch, you can fill it with sand, although it takes a while to do so.


  • The base is round, so you can just tip and roll to move it out of the way.
  • 7 different height adjustments.
  • Use sand or water to fill the base, weighs 250 lbs filled (sand approx 300 lbs).


  • If you hit hard, the heavy bag moves and you will need to chase it around the room as you strike.


The Original, and one of the best free-standing punching bags you can buy.

Outslayer Boxing MMA 100lbs Heavy Bag Filled

Review: This 100 lb Outslayer heavy bag is commonly preferred over others because it is solid, a very firm bag, and it stays that way without developing annoying dead spots or voids.

It looks, performs and feels like a heavy bag you would see at your club or gym.


  • The firm, even distribution of filling.
  • Comes in a reusable vinyl storage bag, and you can request a D ring is added to the bottom.
  • 55” bag length, not including straps.


  • While it is difficult to find a flaw with this bag, it is not available in leather.


High quality and a price you can afford, and made in the USA too!

Ring to Cage Torso Heavy Punching Bag

Review: This Torso shaped heavy bag by Ring to Cage is designed for Combat Sports practice. This 70 lb heavy bag can be used for training uppercuts, body shots, kicks, and knee strikes.


  • Made from Nylon and leather, with a reinforced lining.
  • 36” long Torso, weighing 70 lbs.
  • More realistic punching, kicking and striking angles available with this torso bag.


  • Does not come with hanging hardware.


Achieve realistic training angles on your kicks and knee strikes with this Torso shaped heavy bag.

Review: Medium length, Fat and heavy boxing practice bag. 100 lbs are packed inside this 36” long, extra wide heavy punching bag, which is made in Thailand from thick leather.

This is a classic style boxing bag from famous Muay Thai Gear maker Fairtex.


  • 100 lbs.
  • Extra-wide with a medium length.
  • Some of the highest quality leather found on a punching bag, Fairtex is famous for quality.



When quality and durability are priorities, Fairtex delivers.

Century Wavemaster XXL Freestanding Heavy Bag

Review: This Wavemaster XXL is heavier than the original with a low profile base with a 28” diameter and one of the largest punching bag surfaces available at 18” diameter.

It is one of the best freestanding heavy bags of this size. It is easy to fill, just use water or sand, and you won’t need any tools to fill it.


  • Largest punching surface.
  • The heavyweight base at 270 lbs filled with water (or fill with sand to make heavier).
  • Low profile base allows kicking.


  • Like most freestanding punching bags, this will move if hit hard enough.


One of the best free-standing punching bags with the largest surface.

Contender Fight Sports Body Snatcher Bag

Review: This 75 lb wrecking ball style heavy bag allows you to practice your powerful uppercut.

It is pretty solid and will give you a challenging workout, and can be used in place of a standard heavy bag if you only have space for one bag.


  • A solid 75 lbs.
  • Long-lasting synthetic leather holds up to abuse for many years.
  • 22” by 24” size, just right for kicking, hitting and punching.


  • Does not come with hanging hardware, you will need to get that at a hardware store.


Throw a punch from any angle with this wrecking ball that gives best one of the heavy bag workouts you can get.

TITLE Classic Double End Punching Bag

Review: This Title punching bag is a classic heavy bag with pretty standard dimensions and weight.

It weighs 70 lbs, making it ideal for folks under 150lbs. The bag feels sturdy and solid and the synthetic leather cover looks like it is going to last, not crack and split like inferiors brands have.


  • Weighs 70 lbs, is 42” long and 14” wide.
  • Strong and firm, a great surface to punch and kick out all your aggression.
  • Includes a chain to hang the bag, and the straps are triple reinforced so they will not split and separate from the bag.
  • Dense foam liner absorbs shock.


  • The label is rough and may damage your hands or gloves.


Classic bag by a well-known brand at an unbeatable price. It’s really a great buy.

Everlast 100-Pound C3 Foam Heavy Bag

Review: This 100 lb Everlast bag means business with 100 lbs of weight, yet it is not hard on the body because it is designed with a special foam liner that absorbs and spreads some of the impacts.


  • Very firm bag for heavy hitters.
  • 100 lbs weight for bigger athletes and those who want to build muscle and power.
  • The filling stays evenly distributed.


  • The black wrap covering the middle of the bag is quite hard.


The firmness of this heavy bag makes it the best boxing bag for a home in this price range.

Ringside Leather 100 lb. Heavy Bag

Review: What’s not to love about this 100lb real leather, standard size punching bag? It’s built with a two-inch foam liner that gives each punch a consistent feel while keeping the filler stable, no voids or other funny business.

This heavy bag is made better than the national brands and it shows in the seams, stitching and hanging straps, which are triple reinforced and meant to take a beating without tearing and dethatching from the body.


  • High-quality rivets on the straps, secure stitching, sewn to last.
  • 2” foam padding makes the bag feel already worn in so you don’t destroy your hands.
  • Made with real leather, very nice quality and feel. Plus it looks great!


  • A little more expensive than the national brand.


Built to swing, sway and rebound for many years without splitting a seam.

Contender Fight Sports Leather Heavy Bag

Review: This contender heavy bag is available in 70, 100 and 150 lbs. It’s not too easy to find a 150 lbs Heavy bag, especially at this price and with the high quality this bag has.

These bags are not squashy or wimpy in the slightest. They are solid, firm and made from real leather. In fact, the hardness of this bag makes it one of the best heavy bags for boxing.


  • Made from real leather with rivet reinforced straps.
  • Very dense hard heavy bag.
  • Includes swivel and chain with purchase.
  • Available in a 150 lbs size, which is a little hard to find at this price.


  • Some actually find the bag too firm.


Warning: This 150 lb punching bag is virtually unyielding bag heavy hitters!

Century Hydro core Heavy Bag

Review: The innovative Hydro core heavy bag by Century has a water-filled tank in the center surrounded by dense foam and delivers a consistent firm hit every time.

The bag is about 10 inches longer than a standard bag and weighs about 90 lbs when filled. This bag is sturdy and takes a lot of punishment, but the best thing about the bag is that it has the feel of hitting a real opponent, instead of a heavy bag.


  • Water filled center bladder provides a realistic feel, like hitting a person.
  • Well made and won’t rip, tear or come apart.
  • The 52-inch length makes it good for kicking and punching.


  • It may leak when tipped on its side.


With the extra length and realistic feeling hits, this is the best MMA punching bag we reviewed.

Everlast Black Powercore Nevatear Heavy Bag

Review: This affordable heavy bag is available in 80 and 100 lb versions. The core is filled with sandbags surrounded by natural and synthetic fiber.

The sandbags give the bag an even consistent punch when hit, but be careful, they have been known to shift and you may need to adjust them at some point.

The height of the bag is ample, with the 100 pounders being 59” long, so you can kick it as well as hit and punch.


  • Available in 80 and 100 lbs, and great length, of either 53” or 59” depending on weight.
  • Center filled with sandbags for an even hit.
  • Straps are held using metal rivets and the bag has a bottom anchoring D ring.



Economical and solid among the best punching bags for home use.

RDX Heavy Boxing Upper Cut Maize Body Punch Bag

Review: This awesome uppercut bag is the standard length (43”) and wider (18”) than standard heavy bags, and it has a center curve that is absolutely perfect for landing a strong uppercut.

The black and red design is a nice touch, plus it is lined with two inches of foam surrounding the shredded fill, so it is nice and even when punching or kicking.


  • Weighs 62 lbs.
  • The curved shape mimics a torso and is great for an uppercut and practicing other angled shots.
  • Made from durable Maya Hide Leather.


  • Wish it were a bit heavier.


One of the best punching bags in the lighter end of the spectrum.

RDX Women Punching Bag Filled Set

Review: This RDX set is made for women who have a smaller build. The bag weighs about 44 lbs and could also be used for teenage girls.

The set includes everything a woman needs to get in shape- gloves, jump rope, hand exerciser, wrist wraps, and hanging hardware.


  • Includes everything Bag, gloves and more.
  • Lightweight heavy bag for smaller female or teen frames.
  • Stylish and feminine pink, black and white design.


  • Too light for heavy hitters of any gender.


A perfect gift for the aspiring female athlete. Our choice for the best punching bag for women and teens.

Now you have seen what the makeup of the best punching bags are and seen 15 or the hottest ones available.

Are you ready to pick up one of the best heavy bags for boxing?

Or maybe you want to try a few out at your local boxing club or gym first?

Either way, let us know what you think in the comments below.

Did we leave out any bags YOU consider the best heavy bags? We want to know!


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